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Hi, I'm Tara Roehl, SLP!

And I'm excited to be your guide on your journey to telepractice excellence.

Nowadays being able to do therapy via telepractice is no longer a nice skill to have, it's an expectation. However, there is a problem. There's so much to learn to do telepractice, but specifically to do it well. That can lead to a feeling of overwhelm. You might even wonder if it's worth it. I mean, a telepractice session couldn't possibly be as good as the real thing. Could it?

I'm here to tell you that it can. I've helped so many people overcome their telepractice overwhelm. I love doing it because I've been there. I know what it's like and I've found a way to do telepractice that is not only engaging for clients but I believe it can also better than in-person therapy.

I've identified 4 key areas to really master telepractice.

    1. What telepractice is and isn't, so you can get really clear on your goals.
    2. Keeping compliant with laws and professional guidance so you can keep yourself and your clients safe, secure and out of legal trouble.
    3. A thorough guide explaining the ins and outs of the technology involved.
    4. A treasure chest full of activities and techniques that can be used to solve the dreaded "talking head" problem. Your clients will be engaged the whole session!

I offer a Free Live Class where you can get a taste of my approach to telepractice. You can see if it's a good fit for you! Immediately after the class I answer any questions you have.

Then Get the Course and you'll have the tools and techniques to beat the overwhelm, avoid boring, ineffective therapy and run telepractice sessions your clients will love.

I guarantee it!

Gets years of experience packed into 10+ hours of continually updated content.

Continued support with weekly, live, recorded office hours calls.

Set your own schedule with on-demand access on any device.

Peace of mind with a 30 day money back guarantee.

All The Tools You Need To Master Telepractice

  • Earn CMHs so you can fulfill your continuing ed.
  • A little known but powerful way to do telepractice.
  • How to decide to run your own practice or work for someone else.
  • Tips on where to find clients beyond the obvious.
  • What ASHA thinks about telepractice.
  • How to make sure your clients are ready for telepractice as well as yourself.
  • Strategies to deal with unexpected tech problems so your session still runs after a tech hiccup.
  • How to avoid an often overlooked ethics issue when taking on new clients.
  • Familiarity with laws that are critical in keeping you out of legal hot water.
  • How to get familiar and comfortable HIPAA.
  • Big steps on guiding you on your path to HIPAA compliance.
  • How to comply with the law when living the dream of doing telepractice while traveling.
  • How to bridge the Mac vs. PC gap when you don’t share the same kind of computer as your client.
  • Tech considerations to stay in compliance with HIPAA.
  • Exactly what you need to make sure your computer can smoothly handle a telepractice session.
  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of your computer setup for a session. Monitors, camera, headset, audio mics, internet, and more.
  • How to never fall victim to the dreaded “Zoom bombing”.
  • How to decide on the best conferencing software for highly professional sessions and how to avoid the ones that will make you look like an amateur.
  • Extra hardware recommendations that will supercharge your session.
  • The surprising answer when choosing between a mainstream conferencing software and one made for therapists.
  • Step-by-step video of how to set up your conferencing session and create an invite for your clients. There are gotchas you need to be prepared for.
  • A template video you can create for your clients to cut the learning curve so they’re up to speed and ready for their session with you.
  • How to not fall into the dreaded “talking head” trap and make your sessions engaging and fun.
  • Dozens of activities to make your sessions pop.
  • A full example session filmed from multiple perspectives so you can be familiar with how a telepractice session is run start to finish.
  • Yes, you can run assessments over telepractice. But, there are important considerations.
  • And much more...

Be a Telepractice Hero

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2. Get the Course

3. Wow Your Clients

Who This Is For

Private Practice Owner

Be competitive and increase client engagement and retention.

Contract SLPs


Set yourself apart and individualize your treatment.

Early Intervention SLPs

Great ways to get client attention and hold it while engaing parents and modeling for them.

School Employee


Helps you help your clients and be prepared for distance learning, another covid, 50/50...

Nancy Telian, MS, CCC-SLP

Founding Co-director, Reading with TLC

Over my forty years as an SLP, I have to say that Tara is one of the most engaging, and knowledgeable presenters I have even seen. I am in awe of the clinical knowledge base she brings to the table in terms of her expertise, not only within many areas of speech language pathology, but also in the teletherapy arena.

As a presenter, delivering her coursework in an online format, it is unusual to find a teacher who is able to engage with her audience as easily and effectively as she does, whether presenting live or as a recording. You feel like she is right there in the room with you, and immediately you are drawn into a fabulous learning experience like no other.

Throughout her years of experience behind a computer webcam, while working with her students, she learned, and generously shares, the secrets of how to pull students into what she calls the "sweet spot" of online engagement. She applies the same engaging teaching format with her online attendees who also find themselves in that sweet spot of learning from the first moment of delving into her course.

Tara has such a refreshing way of delivering what can be completely new, and often confusing, technological information in a format that is clear, easy to understand, entertaining and even humorous. She not only explains exactly how and why to utilize various telepractice tools, strategies, programs, and apps, but also provides her own anecdotal stories of how she has used them with her own clients as a seasoned telepractice clinician. Holding props, showing positioning of materials for "just right" use with a webcam, and demonstrating how to create and use worksheets and games online with the use of the annotating feature are just a few of the many kinds of valuable tips and techniques Tara brings to her attendees.

One thing that I greatly appreciate is that she demonstrates, not only higher tech teaching strategies, such as using online resources and apps, but also lower tech techniques, such as using hands-on materials along with a webcam. Her attendees began to learn the "how-to's" and "don't do's" in a way that makes even the most novice online teacher feel ready to jump right in and get started.

Her presentations address a broad continuum in terms of the various levels of expertise attendees have as they approach her training. I am a telepractice "newbie" however I know that even the most seasoned of online teachers appreciate her courses as they know they will be learning the most up-to-date information that has been introduced within in this fast-paced world of technology.

I cannot recommend this course enough. After 90 minutes spent watching Tara online, I was immediately able to apply what I had learned the very next day, and am eager to continue my learning from this master teacher.

Sean Sweeney

SLP, author, The Ely Center LLC/

I have been working in tech integration in speech pathology for many years, but frankly did not know how to get started in implementing telepractice.

Tara's talk was the ultimate "get you started" overview and filled in a big knowledge gap for me. Her information both on the "how to" and "what to" of telepractice were invaluable, and her course helped me run a telepractice session that very week.

One of the proudest days of my career, especially given that it took place in the context of an emergency situation preventing access to therapy for my students in a social group who need to keep these connections maintained.

Mary MacPherson, SLP

Just a thank-you for the wealth of information you covered in the Crash Course! It is MUCH appreciated!

I enjoy your enthusiasm for telepractice - your students and parents are very fortunate as well as the SLPs that you share your expertise with!!!

RoseAnne Stevens, MS, CCC-SLP

My first "telecoaching" session was a BIG success!

I could NOT have done this without Tara Roehl's help.



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